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Common questions

What is jststrt?
We're a simple tool designed to help you track and improve your habits. By visualizing how consistent you are, you can easily point when you fail and start turning something into a ritual.
What am I suppose to do?
Yeah, right! First things first. After registering, and confirming your email address, you should create at least one new habit you want to track. You have to choose a name for it and pick a color. Then you'll be able to track activity by clicking the calendar. Then you'll enjoy displaying colored dots everytime you tracked an activity. This way, you will quickly overview, in a graphical way, how consistent you are with your different habits. It's easy, just start tracking!
Do I need to pay?
No! Right now, jststrt is totally free to use. So join us and enjoy tracking your habits and getting a better you.
Is a mobile app available for phones or tablets?
No, unfortunatly, jststrt is only available in the browser. But the good news is, we put great effort in making our website responsive for mobile devices. If you have trouble using jststrt with your device just holla at us. If you're disappointed and waiting for a proper iphone app, we would be glad to hear from you as well!
I am having trouble using the app or it does not seem to work well?
First, we strongly recommend a modern browser. If you have any difficulties, please install a more recent version. Older browser can have issue with displaying our calendar or making interactions impossible. Anyway, feel free to let us know about your problems. Again, we'll be glad to help.

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